Choosing the Right Size and Features: A Guide to Kids Backpacks

Choosing the Right Size and Features: A Guide to Kids Backpacks

A guide to kids’ backpacks: How to choose the best kids’ backpacks for school

No matter the age of your little one, a backpack is more than just the thing that holds their books, toys, and lunch. It’s a space of their own, where they can put the things that matter most.

Whether your little one is off to kinder or school, a durable backpack for kids is something you will want to invest in to ensure it lasts all the spills, tumbles, and chaos of everyday life.

Explore our guide on how to choose the best kids’ backpacks that are suitable for school and will last a lifetime.

How to choose a school bag size

As a parent, you want to invest in quality school supplies for your child, and that starts off with kids’ school backpacks. When choosing your kid’s backpack, you’ll want to consider a few factors to determine which accessory will tick all the boxes.

Explore our top considerations for how to choose a school bag, including size, fit, features and more below.


When selecting a kids’ backpack, you want to keep in mind what size is going to best suit your child. It’s great to buy something your children can “grow into” - but what about a backpack that can grow with your child?

At Penny Scallan, all our kids’ backpacks are suitable for children across a range of years – thanks to their adjustable nature and grow-with-me features.

Our Small Backpack is best for those just finding their feet and can be used for ages 1-3. It also features a detachable rein, as we know little one’s love to run off –  this enables you to keep them close by when they are going through this stage, you can just unclip it if you do not want to use it. The padded straps make it comfy for little ones to wear.

Our Medium Backpack is a great option for those just starting out at Daycare especially if your Centre supplies food. You’ll be able to pack in all the essentials –  a change of clothes, a special bunny or other snuggly toy, nappies  and some books – with room to spare!

Our Large Backpack For those children taking their first steps into Kinder or Pre School our large backpack is the perfect choice, we also recommend the large backpack for daycare - in particular if you are supplying food and  based on the extensive list of things you need to take along for your child. the adjustable straps make it easy to carry for parents and children alike, and you’ll comfortably pack their Bento Box, books, change of clothes, nappies and have have plenty of room for other items, there is a drink bottle holder and 4 other pockets of varying sizes.  The lining is water resistant and as 

We also recommend our large backpack for Day Care

Whatever size you need, our durable backpacks for kids are a great investment for long-lasting, high-quality school accessories.


Carrying books, toys and lunchboxes, changes of clothes etc can often be heavy business, so it’s important to ensure your kid’s backpack is fully equipped with features that assist in making the journey a comfortable one.

All our kids’ school backpacks have adjustable and padded shoulder straps that mean extra comfort when wearing, as well as a padded handle that won’t cut into little hands when picked up.

Scratch and water resistant, it’s easy for parents to wipe away the mess of the day with a wet cloth, and the cotton canvas outer material means rain won’t ruin items inside your child’s backpack. All our backpacks are machine washable, we suggest you dry them in a warm shaded area.

Weight Limit

Sometimes school is demanding, and your child may have heaps of things to fit in their backpack – but it’s important to ensure their backpack doesn’t get too heavy.

Luckily, our medium and large kids’ school backpacks have plenty of space to fit your everyday essentials. With the ability to fit 14-litres, our medium backpack is great for a day at Daycare, or a family day trip where snacks are a must!

For those in need of more items, our large backpack has a 23-litre capacity, enabling your child to carry everything they need – just make sure your kid’s backpack isn’t too weighed down!


It’s simple for parents to pack their kid’s backpack – but how accessible is it for little hands during the day?

All our Penny Scallan kids’ school backpacks feature big zipper pullers, meaning opening and closing the backpack is a simple task for small hands. The silicone name tag charm means your child can personalise their Penny Scallan backpack and find it amongst the sea of other backpacks.

Our unique array of designs and prints mean that your kid’s backpack can become personal to them – letting them choose the style of the bag that will accompany them to Daycare or kinder every day is a great way to help your child express their unique identity.

Whatever design you choose, our kids’ backpacks are a must have for any little one heading to Daycare, Kinder, or a sleepover at their grandparents!   Penny Scallan Backpacks, whatever size you choose – we promise you’ll love it – and so will your little one!